From the recording New Western Trail Songs


Common man, common man. Common man, common man.
Temptation swinging at you, straight from birth,
To snatch a precious rose of conjured-up worth.
The quake that stomps the demon into your head,
Drums into your marrowbone this feeling of false dread.
I ain’t innocent of falling in the trap,
It’s an elemental pattern just like stroke and heart attack.
No, I ain’t innocent, my song is not a leash,
You can sing along and then be gone,
it’s sung to set you free
And all my muscles quiver, quixotic I deliver:
Truth for the common man,
It ain’t that hard to understand Truth for the common man,
It ain’t that hard.
Advertising isn’t dreaming, Modern human life and freedom

The future can unfold you, the past it can control you,
The present will bulldoze you
If you stand in one place too long,
Clinging on, holding on, don’t prolong
Antagonize yourself with depredation, Accommodate your adulation.
I ain’t innocent of falling on the tracks,
It’s an elemental pattern of when you go
And you come back.
No, I ain’t innocent like a stampeded herd,
Spooked off by the sound of a locomotive taking a curve.
No matter heaven’s weather, if we all sing together:
Advertising is not dreaming, I’m up in the trees, I’m singing: