1. Delores

From the recording New Western Trail Songs


O, Delores, you have lost your love And he’s not coming back.
Though the ending wasn’t perfect, Nothing perfect ever lasts.
Release your Phoenix
Let it raise its head above the field of ash.
Your redemption, though burnt, charred and frayed,
Lies quick within your grasp.
No, I won’t let you bury yourself In the sands of your regret,
I’ll lift you up above my head
And let your tears rain on my neck
And you won’t fear me, O, Delores.
O Delores, won’t you wake up
And remember how to laugh.
Think it over, won’t you try
And give your life another chance.
Hold your wing up,
Now it’s time for you to look down on the clouds.
Do not whisper, it’s imperative you shed it right out loud

And I will soak up all your words like symphonies
Ringing through my hollow chest
Taking my legs off at the knees and I will crawl
And you won’t fear me, O, Delores.

O, Delores, watch the briars and the thistles fade away.
In the waters of the spring of your breath
Wash off yesterday
And in your heartbeat
There will sound a new tune whistling your way
Sing it to me
Let it ring like thunder coming from your mouth
And I will dance until I can no longer stand
I’ll hit the ground with my face
You’ll raise me up with your hands
And we’ll be free
And you won’t fear me, O, Delores.