From the recording New Western Trail Songs


The Reluctant Prophet
Woke up this morning stuck my head out of a hole
Lots of people watchin’ me to see which way I’ll roll.
This life of stardom in the limelight on the stage
Cannot be healthy for me at my tender age.
The sunshine hurts my eyes.
Burns right through this secondhand disguise.
Makes me realize.
Each new day will take me by, take me by surprise.
The newsmen hound me and they hang on every word.
Picture takers snap like turtles and leave my vision blurred.
My place in history they say is firmly made.
As the only one who could see shadows in the shade.
Limousines and beauty queens they line up at my curb.
Waiting for an answer to a question that’s absurd.
If I sound reluctant with my incidental fame.
Try being a blind man in a pea and nutshell game.