So Long Roughneckers
by Chris Weydeveld

I’m a going, I’m a going, outa Wyoming, I’m leaving this town today
Gonna let ‘er roll, baby, here I go, I’m making my getaway.
I’m leaving and seeing  lights of the city in my rear view mirror.
Going down the line, baby feeling fine, gonna move it on outa here.

Jump on baby if you’re thinking that maybe you might want to come along.
Ain’t making no plan, ain’t taking no stand, ain’t trying to right no wrong.
Just feel like slipping outa the grip of this two-horse tin-can town.
And roll with you, all night through, laying them miles down.

Down the road honkey tonk on the radio.
Down the road all paid up on the debts I owed.
Down the road lightened up from a heavy load.
Down the road moving fast, going down the road.

So long oil riggers and coal mine diggers and dreams that could have been.
Farewell to the smell of the oil well and the fifty mile-an-hour wind.
I’m through with fooling, with tailgate schooling, and pawn shop cashing checks. 
I’m free and clear, clean outa here, and the dust ain't settled yet.